Ezy-Drive Utility Markers

Ezy-Drive Utility Markers

Ezy-Drive has combined all the advantages of our patented guide post systems and added even more. Our versatile manufacturing and assembly process allows virtually endless combinations of colours, lengths and profiles to suit any situation. Our total service offer includes:

  • Custom length and colour posts.
  • Design and manufacture of branded backing plates to suit.
  • Screen printing and protective coating of all powder coated plates.
  • A complete range of marker post stickers from residential utility markers through to major pipeline projects.
  • Experienced advice and a genuine objective of outstanding customer service.

Ezy-Drive Profile

100mm wide face recessed for fixing of plates or stickers, can be manufactured from Hi-Tensile steel in any length up to 2000mm. The Ezy-Drive profile has rolled safety edges and comes with safety end cap to ensure no sharp edges.

Underground Services

By marking valuable underground services you can avoid costly repairs.

Rural Addressing Systems

Rural addressing systems are utilised by councils across Australia to provide a cost effective highly visible marking system. The markers generally indicate what council area the property is in and what distance from the nearest town the property is. They are used for location purposes by emergency services, mail contractors etc.

One Person Installation

Forget boring, digging or expensive machinery, Ezy-Drive is a one person installation process. Using the Ergonomic Driving Kit, you’ll get posted in a matter of minutes, even in the hardest ground conditions.*

Ezy-Drive Marker posts can be supplied with marker plates or stickers attached to the post, this minimises the amount of work required in the field and therefore saves time and money.

*In exceptionally hard ground conditions we recommend the use of our pneumatic driving kit.

Cost Effective

Precision manufactured from galvanised and powder-coated steel, Ezy-Drive posts are tough & long lasting, delivering the quality you demand, what’s more they are guaranteed to remain in top condition for years.

Decreased installation costs, & little to no maintenance makes Ezy-Drive marker posts great value for money.

Highest Quality – Long Lasting – High Visibility

Ezy-Drive Marker Posts are manufactured with state of the art computer controlled precision machinery to exacting tolerances. Ezy-Drive has quality management systems in place which means we guarantee you get the right product every time.

Unlike plastic, timber or plain galvanised pipe posts, Ezy-Drive posts are finished with a high gloss polyester powder coating that is baked on for a long life - resistant to abrasion and staining. This ensures high visibility for the life of the post.


Ezy-Drive posts are available in a number of profiles and materials. As our Marker Posts are powdercoated they can be just about any colour you desire. Combine this with the ability to supply a wide range of marker plates, stickers or signs to your specification and you have the ability to get the right marker post supplied in one piece by one supplier. Just tell us what you need and we'll do the rest.

Many Uses

Ezy-Drive Marker Posts have been successfully used in many applications, but don’t let us tell you what you need, you tell us!

  • Telecommunications Cables
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Rural Addressing Systems
  • Gas Piplelines
  • Piplelines
  • Service Valves
  • Hazards Dial Before You Dig
  • Culverts
  • Boundary Markers
  • Trial markers
  • Snow-Line Markers
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