Ezy-Drive Roadside Post Products - Straight Edge Steel

Ezy-Drive Straight Edge Posts

The Ezy-Drive Straight Edge post adds more options to the full Ezy-Drive post range. This versatile post offers many of the advantages of the Ezy-Drive posts and is also well suited for use as a temporary marker during road construction in either galvanised or powder coated finish. Available in either 1.6mm or Heavy Duty 2mm thicknesses.

Highly Visible Delineation

The Straight Edge post has a wide face that enables a 50mm wide Class 1A delineator to be fitted. This ensures high visibility and compliance with relevant state and federal legislation. Available with either 50 x 100mm (SOD1) or 50 x 200mm (SOD2) delineators fitted.

Impact Recovery

One of the most important design features concerns performance under impact. The Ezy-Drive Straight Edge post while strong, has been specifically designed to yield easily on impact and can be re-straightened many times, without breaking off. Other frangible posts, on impact, can break or dislodge and become a dangerous 'missile'.

Powder Coated

All Ezy-Drive steel posts are powder coated with a premium quality polyester powder to provide a high gloss finish. The advantages of this are improved visibility in poor driving conditions and a virtually maintenance free finish that will last for years.

Ezy-Drive Straight Edge Posts

Straight Edge PostTemporary Sign Slots

12 mm 'slotted holes' are standard in Ezy-Drive Straight Edge Posts. These allow for the easy fitting and removal of temporary signs and accessories using standard bolt / bracket fittings.

Depth Marker Holes

Clearly shows the maximum required driven depth of the post. Posts can also be removed by using a goose neck crow bar using the depth marker hole.