Ezy-Drive Roadside Post Products

Still Your First Choice for Guide Marker Posts

EZY-DRIVE POSTS: Still the number one choice for high-performance road safety solutions

Ezy-Drive has been supplying quality and innovative products to the road industry since 1992, and continues to be a leading manufacturer of high performance guide and marker posts.

The Ezy-Drive guide and marker post range includes quality profiles to suit a variety of conditions and provides a cost effective solution to achieving superior road safety.

Designed with durability, ease of installation and visibility in mind, Ezy-Drive guide and marker posts are rigorously tested to meet or exceed all relevant State and Federal standards – ensuring quality is guaranteed.

Rolled Edge Guide Posts

Ezy-Drive High-Tensile Rolled Edge Guide Posts are tough and long-lasting, delivering the highest quality and can be re-straightened many times before replacement, to offer excellent value for money.

Supplied with snap on end caps to ensure no sharp edges are exposed and packed in cardboard cartons of 10, Rolled Edge Guide Posts provide safe handling by road crews prior to installation.

Rolled Edge Guide Posts are finished with a high gloss, premium quality, polyester powder coating that is baked on for a long life, to provide resistance to abrasion and staining, and ensure high visibility when it is needed most.

A punched depth marker hole at 350mm clearly shows the minimum required driven depth of the post and complies with local authority road standards.

Straight Edge Guide Posts

The Straight Edge Guide Post offers similar advantages of other Ezy-Drive posts and in addition, is well suited for use as a temporary marker during road construction. It’s wide face enables a 50mm wide Class 1A delineator to be fitted to ensure high visibility and compliance with relevant state and federal legislation.

Whilst strong, the Ezy-Drive Straight Edge Guide Post has been specifically designed to yield easily on impact and can be re-straightened many times, without breaking off. The Straight Edge Guide Post is powder coated with a premium quality polyester powder to achieve a high gloss finish, ensuring improved visibility in poor driving conditions and a virtually maintenance free finish that will last for years.

Featuring 12 mm 'slotted holes', Straight Edge Posts allow for easy fitting of accessories using standard bolt / bracket fittings.

Plastic Guide Posts

Ezy-Drive Plastic Guide Posts are designed using specifically formulated high impact, UV stabilised PVC, to withstand repeated collisions, allowing them to return to vertical after every impact.

This ensures a reduction in time and costs associated with ongoing maintainance and replacement of damaged posts, and due to its superior flexibility, the Ezy-Drive Plastic Guide Posts minimises damage to both vehicles and posts when impacted.

Ezy-Drive Plastic Guide Posts are available in 4mm, 5mm, and 8mm thicknesses and fitted with Class 1A delineators.

Marker Posts

Due to the superior manufacturing and assembly process, the Ezy-Drive Marker Posts are available in virtually any combination of colours, lengths and profiles to suit a variety of environments.

Supplied in high-tensile, galvanised and powder-coated steel, Ezy-Drive Marker Posts are tough and long lasting, delivering the best quality and offering high performance for many years.

Decreased installation costs, and little to no maintenance makes Ezy-Drive marker posts great value for money.

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