Ezy-Drive Roadside Post Products - Plastic

Ezy-Drive Plastic Posts

The Ezy-Drive Straight Edge post adds more options to the full Ezy-Drive post range. This versatile post offers many of the advantages of the Ezy-Drive posts and is also well suited for use as a temporary marker during road construction in either galvanised or powder coated finish. Available in either 1.6mm or Heavy Duty 2mm thicknesses.

Ezy-Drive Plastic Guide Posts are designed using specifically formulated high impact, UV stabilised PVC, to withstand repeated collisions, allowing them to return to vertical after every impact.

This ensures a reduction in time and costs associated with ongoing maintenance and replacement of damaged posts, and due to its superior flexibility, the Ezy-Drive Plastic Guide Posts minimises damage to both vehicles and posts when impacted.

Ezy-Drive Plastic Guide Posts are available in 4mm, 5mm, and 8mm thicknesses and fitted with Class 1A delineators.

Ezy-Drive Plastic Posts